How is it passed on?

Through unprotected oral, anal and vaginal sex as well as sharing sex toys.


Often there are no symptoms but sometimes men get discharge from their penis or pain around their private parts. Women can get more discharge than usual from their vagina or period type pains when they don’t have their period.

What are the long term effects?

If Chlamydia is not treated it can cause long term damage and result in you being unable to have children.  This is particularly important in women.

Can you get rid of it?

Yes, Chlamydia is easily tested and treated with antibiotics but the damage that it does cannot always be repaired.

If you are worried about Chlamydia, free self testing kits are available from some Pharmacies, Family Planning Clinics and even some youth workers.

Some areas are able offer a  Free Test Me  free postal Chlamydia testing kit.

Young people from Doncaster (aged 16-24) can request a free chlamydia postal testing kit at

If you would like a full STI screen for all STIs you can visit a GUM clinics – to find one try our service finder

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