Welcome to the Sextionary!

When it comes to sex we all like to think we know what we are talking about. However, have you ever had a conversation when someone has used a word or made a joke and you don’t really get what they are on about? We’ve all been there.

The trouble is we often use words and don’t know what they mean. Hey, it’s easy to get confused – there are so many different words for stuff and they are constantly changing. This is why the Sextionary exists.

You told us that you wanted a place that had all the medical, technical, slang and down-right weird and full words in to do with sex, your body and relationships – so here it is!

Send Us Your Words!

If you’re having trouble finding a word, don’t forget you can also search the Sextionary using the box underneath the A-Z buttons.

If the word or phrase is definitely not here yet, let us know by getting in touch.

We will check out your suggestion, speak to other young people and our experts here and if it’s agreed, your word will be added to the Sextionary. Have fun!