Cirencester CASH Clinic

Cirencester CASH Clinic

Address: Querns Suite, Cirencester Hospital, Tetbury Road, Cirencester, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, GL7 1UY

Telephone: 0300 4216500



Don’t walk in. Phone in.

Hope House sexual health service are no longer holding walk in clinics. They have been replaced by a phone triage system so that you don’t have to queue up to wait to be seen.

No symptoms and just want a test?

If you are over 16, have a Gloucestershire ‘GL’ post code, and have no signs or symptoms of a sexual infection you do not need to be seen in clinic and can order a home test kit. Please see our home testing page for more information.


Do you have an urgent concern?

If you have an urgent sexual health issue you can call us on 0300 421 6500 between 8am-11am Monday-Friday.

Our receptionist will ask you a few questions about why you need to attend. These questions can be quite personal but this is so we can ensure you are booked into the right service. If you have an urgent issue the receptionist will pass your details onto one of our specialist sexual health nurses and they will call you back to discuss your problem.

We aim to call you back before 1pm; please ensure you are able to answer your phone to receive our call. If you do not answer after two attempts we will not call again and you will need to contact our receptionist if you still want to be seen.



Cirencester Quern Suite, Cirencester Hospital, Tetbury Road, GL7 1UY

Wed: 17:00 Last Appointment 19:30 Booked Appointments



Mon & Wed: 08:30 Last Appointment 16:00 Booked Appointments

Tues, Thurs & Fri: 08:30 Last Appointment 19:00 Booked Appointments

Sat: (Not weekly) 10:00 Last Appointment 11:30 Booked Appointments



Mon & Wed: 08:30 Last Appointment 19:00 Booked Appointments

Fri: 08:30 Last Appointment 12:00 Booked Appointments

Please Note. The Milsom Centre is closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Cinderford The Health Centre, Dockham Road, Cinderford, GL14 2AN

Thurs: 17:00 Last Appointment 18:30 Booked Appointments


Coleford. Coleford Health Centre, Railway Drive, Coleford, GL14 2AN

Tues: 12:00 Last Appointment 17:30 Booked Appointments


Dursley The Vale Community Hospital, Lister Road, Dursley, GL11 4BA

Mon: 15:00 Last Appointment 16:30 Booked Appointments

The Dursley clinic is open on the first Monday of the month.


Lydney Lydney & District Hospital, Lydney, GL15 5JF

Mon: 16:15 Last Appointment 19:15 Booked Appointments


Stonehouse The Health Clinic, High Street, Stonehouse, GL10 2NG

Tues: 15:30 Last Appointment17:00 Booked Appointments

Stonehouse clinic is open on the second Tuesday of the month.


Stroud Beeches Green Medical Centre, Stroud, GL5 4BH

Thurs: 12:00 Last Appointment 18:00 Booked Appointments


Tewkesbury. Tewkesbury Hospital, Howells Road, Tewkesbury, GL20 5QN

Thurs: 17:00 Last Appointment 19:00 Booked Appointments




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Services Available

C-Card (Condom Distribution), Chlamydia Testing/Treatment, Contraception, Emergency Hormonal Contraception, Sexual Health Clinic

Opening Times

Wednesdays 5:00pm - 7:30pm Booked

Other Information

Drop Ins: Yes
Appointments: No



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Cirencester CASH Clinic

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