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We can understand that as a parent you may be concerned by some of the content on this website, however, please be reassured that this site has been put together with a lot of thought, care and attention by Warwickshire County Council’s Respect Yourself Campaign Team in partnership with NHS Warwickshire, Coventry University and with a huge input from young people themselves.

This site is aimed at young people – 13 years old and over. All of the content has been requested directly by young people.  The Your Questions are real questions from real young people as are the words in the Sextionary – and therefore we believe they are valid aspects of the site. What’s more, young people even asked for this section – a section especially for you their parents.

You see, young people tell us that they want to talk to you about sex and their relationships. They want to ask you questions and for your opinions – but they don’t want a lecture, and are just as embarrassed and lost as to how to start doing this as you are. Hopefully, this website can help.

This website is another resource that is safe and reliable, where they can explore issues that are important to them.  The site is monitored and supported by professionals who can actually provide the answers and encourage them to take control of their relationships and to move at a pace they are comfortable with.  We are by no means encouraging young people to have sex or to view things that they are not ready for.  Instead we have taken great care to make it easy for young people to slowly explore the issues that are relevant to them in their own time.  We have ensured that there is plenty of emphasis on the emotional side of relationships as well as covering merely the physical aspects again; something that young people asked us for.

Whilst this site does contain explicit images of genitalia and language commonly used by young people, it has all been put together for educational purposes with young people’s health and wellbeing at the heart of it.

This website has been designed to engage with young people around issues of relationships and sex, especially the areas which young people tell us are lacking from contemporary RSE (relationship & sex education) that they receive in school.  They wanted a place where they can safely explore their emerging sexuality, without judgement and a place they can ask questions and receive open and honest answers.

This is a reassuring response by our young people as all the research and evidence suggests that by providing them with this kind of information we can help them to not only make informed decisions for themselves, but also able to cope when they inevitably make mistakes, giving them the tools to deal with the situation and the ability to ask for help.   Research shows that young  people, who receive this type of input, generally have sex later than their peers and are more likely to use contraception when they do.

As you will know from the media, there are fears that young people are becoming sexualised through their exposure to an enormous amount of explicit content through the TV, music and most worrying through the internet where they have extremely easy access to hard-core pornography. Indeed, a YouGov (2008) study shows that the average young person will have their first exposure to pornography by the age of 10years old and that as teens 58% of them will watch porn regularly.

These are worrying statistics, however the majority of young people are not necessarily looking for sexual kicks for pornography, but are instead trying to shock their mates in a “urrgh look at this” kind of way and more often than not in search for answers to the questions they don’t dare to ask: ‘how does their body work and what do people’s bits really look like?’ Are mine normal? Am I normal? How do you have sex?’ simply they want to stop feeling inadequate and unprepared for a very natural part of their emerging identities’ – sex.

We hope that this puts your mind at rest but…

If you would like any more help and support and can’t find what you want on this site, then please feel free to contact us.

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