Welcome to the new ‘Respect Yourself’ Gloucestershire website

We are so excited to announce the launch of ‘Respect Yourself’ Gloucestershire. This website is specifically designed to engage with young people (13 years and over) in Gloucestershire around issues of relationships and sex, especially the areas which young people have told us is lacking from what they would normally receive in school.

The website not only educates but also answers questions and helps you find a range of sexual health services available throughout Gloucestershire. It is a place where young people can safely explore their emerging sexuality, without judgment and a place where they can receive open and honest answers. The site is monitored and supported by professionals who can actually provide the answers.

The ‘Respect Yourself’ website was originally created by Warwickshire County Council’s Respect Yourself Campaign Team in partnership with NHS Warwickshire, Coventry University and with a huge input from young people themselves.



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