Do you know about the C-Card scheme in Gloucestershire?

24 January 2017

What is C-Card? C-Card is a condom distribution scheme for young people under 25 who live in Gloucestershire. You can …

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New materials for parents

23 November 2016

Our (rather brilliant) volunteers have often said that we could do with more information for parents. Parents often want to …

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We’re multi-lingual!

28 June 2016

The sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed the new ‘select language’ button in the centre near the bottom of …

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Let’s talk about sexting

16 December 2015

Here is a conundrum – it is legal for teenagers who are both 16 years old to consent to sex. …

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Welcome to the new ‘Respect Yourself’ Gloucestershire website

4 November 2015

We are so excited to announce the launch of ‘Respect Yourself’ Gloucestershire. This website is specifically designed to engage with …

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Website upgrade

3 November 2015

We’re due to turn on the new version of our website next week. It uses the same content, if you’re …

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Watch this space!

3 September 2015

Whilst people (hopefully) have been having a great summer break, it’s been busy here at Respect Yourself. A couple highlights …

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A question on our approach to pornography…

6 July 2015

We recently received this message: “I do not understand why your website is saying that use of porn is in any …

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Why don’t we have an LGBT button on the site?

15 May 2015

We got a question from someone who pointed out that there’s not a lot of specific stuff for LGBT folk …

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That’s so gay ??

22 April 2015

The last 15 years have seen some big changes to the laws on sexuality, from equal age of consent to …

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